Biblical Conservatism Launches Somebody Else in 2012 Campaign

As some of you may have noticed, at the end of last week, this blog has started posting reasons why we must defeat Obama in 2012.  I am referring to this campaign as "Somebody Else in 2012."  The reason for this campaign is, above all else and all candidate preferences, we MUST defeat Barack Obama in 2012. 

He has already done much to try to change our nation into an entitlement society and to make more people dependent on government for life.  He's played class warfare as well as borrowing and spending trillions to bring about economic recovery and it has failed. 

Some of you may be asking: Haven't you endorsed Newt Gingrich?  Yes, I have, and my endorsement stands.  I do believe out of the four candidates remaining that Newt is the best and most conservative choice.  However, the Someone Else 2012 Campaign is focused on the general election.  Specifically, I am pledging, and I am asking you to do the same, to agree to support whomever the 2012 Republican nominee is, even if it isn't your candidate.  We must not allow Obama to be re-elected, because without the check of another election, Obama will be more brazen with his liberalism and will push his socialist agenda harder and farther. 

I'm asking you to get on board.  Help spread the word for our Someone Else 2012 Campaign.  You can be kept abreast of all Someone Else 2012 posts by either following me on Twitter or liking Biblical Conservatism on Facebook to ensure you know of every new post. Help please by retweeting and sharing the links to the Someone Else 2012 posts. 

You can also help by talking to your friends, family, and coworkers and demonstrate why Obama is a failure.
We can do that by reminding them of all Obama's broken promises (since the Drive-By Media isn't going to do it).  Remind them of Obama's own words, like when he promised that if we passed his stimulus unemployment would not go above 8%. It then went above 8%, up to 11%, and hasn't gotten below 8% yet.  (It's back on the rise, by the way, up to 9% again.)

We must defeat Obama in 2012, even if it's with a stop-gap President. So let's pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, even if he isn't perfect, because he's going to be a better choice than Obama.