Contraception is Another Liberal Misdirection

Over the last couple of weeks, the Left has started using their usual tactic of throwing up red herrings, this time about contraception.   This time it’s not “Republicans want old people to die” or “Republicans are going to push Grandma off a cliff” or “Republicans want women to die in back allies,” no, this time, it’s “Republicans want to take away your contraception.”  The reality, of course, is not at all sinister:  Republicans don’t believe we should be forced to pay for other people’s birth control.  Especially because, and I know this is hard for liberals to fathom, but we don’t have the money to pay for it.  (Once again, just because liberals convince themselves that something is really, super-duper important, it doesn’t mean the money grows on trees now.) 
I’ll admit that I let myself get caught up in this latest misdirection by the Left.  Yes, I do believe that these requirements do in fact infringe upon our First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion.  And yes, I further believe that government has no right to force any organization to pay for any service because the government says so.  But all this is a misdirection.  Absolutely nobody is trying to make contraception illegal (as I said yesterday, I do not have a problem with true contraception, and that includes vasectomy and tubal ligation procedures).  Whatsoever.  Saying taxpayers shouldn’t pay for something isn’t the same thing as wanting to make it illegal.
All of this, however is a huge distraction against something far, far bigger: President Obama has been an abject failure in the White House.  He has spent trillions of dollars on stimulus and he’s still yet to manage to get unemployment below the 8% that he promised we wouldn’t see in the first place if we just passed his stimulus.  President Obama cannot run on his record for reelection because his record is horrible.  So now he has to demonize the Republicans.  The President cannot ask the question “Are you better off than you were four years ago” and expect a positive result.  We aren’t.  We are worse off, and Obama’s liberal statist policies are to blame. 

Here’s the truth:  We are not better off than we were four years ago and the President knows that his policies are to blame for it.  So he’s got to try to misdirect.  He’s got to throw a flea flicker into the mix to see if he can get the defense focused on the wrong guy and then throw a Hail Mary pass.  Let’s not let Obama play this game.  He’s the failure, and he can only win by misdirecting.  Let’s not let him.