Obama Has to Lie to Win, We Must Not Let Him

Over the last few days, we've been turning our attention to President Obama's 2012 Campaign and talking about the falsehoods he is peddling to keep his job. So many to give, no idea where to start. 

It's all Bush's fault...except he's had 3 years of his fixes and none of them work. 

It's all because of the Republicans in Congress blocking him...except for those two full years when Obama had a philibuster proof majority in the Senate and a strong lead in the House on his side and passed everything he wanted.

How about the claim that unemployment has dropped...except it really hasn't, the Department of Labor just up and decided that the workforce was 1.2 million people smaller and therefore the percentage went down while the real number of people unemployed went up.  Further, the "seasonally adjusted" numbers given most places are lower than the real number, given by Gallup, where unemployment remains 9%.

Or maybe we could talk about Obamacare, which remains very unpopular and a majority of Americans want it repealed. Let's not forget how Obamacare was going to cut our costs for insurance...except it hasn't, it's raised our premiums, so the "freebies" aren't free, just shifted to another place, your premiums.

My friends, there is only one way the President can get re-elected: Lie.  He has to lie to Americans.  He has to label his straw man "Republicans," tell us it is real and then defeat it.  He has to use doctored numbers to have unemployment as low as the 8.5% he claims (really 9% without "seasonal adjustments") and with REAL unemployment (including underemployment - people working part time instead of full time) that has ticked back up to 19%.  So he's got to distract and make us look away.

There is a solution, my friends, a very simple one: We must not let him.  We must not let those lies stand. We must talk to our friends, family, and co-workers who buy into these misconceptions.  We must fight the good fight, because the truth is worth fighting for!  (Feel free to start by sending those friends to Biblical Conservatism.)  We must shout it from the rooftops: Obama is a failure!  Somebody Else in 2012!