Dave's tweet

i saw this tweet from Dave Ramsey a while back:

"If a dog bites you forgive him. But don't reconcile with him until he learns not to bite. You can't build a quality team without trust."

& a reply from someone else:

"so there's no reconciliation, eh?"

& then from Dave again:

"Forgiveness is different . As a person YES, keeping them as an employee, NO"

wow. how many times have we seen this with employees on a team! it feels like a tension because we've gotta forgive & reconcile with PEOPLE no matter what.

We've GOTTA forgive people, but it doesn't mean they still need to work on the team.

no matter how much you love your dog, how many times are you going to let him bite your kid? you may forgive the dog but you will not let it keep happening.