Romney Attack Ads Need to Continue Past the Primary

One of Mitt Romney's top strategies in the Republican Primary has been to run attack ads against his opponents.  The No More Mr. Nice Guy routine worked well in the primaries. Now that the General Election is underway, it's time to reload those ads and start reminding Americans the truth about Barack Obama as a President.

We know the President is going to run attack ads against Mitt. Obama will almost certainly play the class warfare angle against Romney...after all, Mitt has had the audacity to be successful in business and become wealthy, how dare he.  Some have suggested that the Occupy Wall Street movement, funded largely by Leftists like George Soros and others, may have been generated to raise up anti-wealth sentiment against Mitt. Even if this conjecture is innacurate, it is easy to see Obama's "fair share" and "millionaires and billionaires" rhetoric as laying the foundation for his campaign against Romney.

Romney has had a moment or two where he's presented the President as a well meaning fool, a nice guy over his head...and friends, despite the way people clamor for "civility," civility only truly works if that attitidue is a two way street.  When it's not, the same "moderates" who claim to desire civility are quickly convinced by the slander from the Left directed towards conservatives.

So Mitt, I'm asking you, I'm begging you, I'm telling you: Fight fire with fire. The nice guy routine will not work. The Drive-By Media is going to carry the Obama campaign's water, and it won't matter how sweet you are to the President. It won't be an election of two competing sets of ideas discussing the ideas.  The Left CAN'T WIN using their issues...too few Americans agree with them!  But you need to bring up why Obama is and has been bad for America. Do that, Governor Romney, and you'll be President.