For Christians, Mitt's Mormonism Shouldn't Matter

In case you're clueless, you probably already know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. In other breaking news, the sky is blue and cake is delicious.

Since this is Biblical Conservatism, I feel it's worth taking time to discuss the Christian reaction to Mitt's Mormonism.  I know that some Christians, especially my fellow Pentecostals, might be inclined to be concerned about Romney's beliefs and how it might effect his decision making as President. This is especially true of those of us who know the roots of Mormonism and some of their crazier doctrines. (For a comical but accurate explanation of the founding of Mormonism, click here.)

However, despite such interesting doctrines that the Mormon church teaches and the contradictions between Mormonism and Christianity, Christians should not be concerned that Romney's Mormonism will somehow go against our faith. The fact is that while Mormonism does not agree with Christianity on the many major political issues with faith based implications, it does concur with Christianity. (In this case, to concur is to agree in practice but not in doctrine. For those of you from Palm Beach County, FL, that means to act the same way for a different reason.)

To give a few examples:

- Mormonism teaches that abortion is wrong, but makes allowances for situations where the mother's life is in danger and does also make the allowance for rape cases (which, I continue to question because my focus is the baby's life, but I would also be fine with that compromise).

- Mormonism teaches the same principle of tithing that Christianity teaches.

- Mormonism, like Christianity, believes it is important to care for the poor, and like the Biblical Conservatism which I teach, does not say "have the government do it" but rather says "YOU take care of the poor.

There are more topics I can touch upon, but ultimately, friends, Romney's faith is going to concur with Christianity's teachings. While he may not have arrived at those conclusions by the same path, ultimately, if Romney governs according to his faith, there will be no battle with Christians. (The same would be true if we had a devoutly Jewish President.)  So, if you have concerns about Mitt's Mormonism, let me assure you: Mormonism may contradict Christianity in orthodoxy (correct doctrine), but, from a governing perspective, will not contradict Christianity in orthopraxy (correct action).