Reactions to MD, WI and DC Primaries

Tuesday Mittens became a little more inevitable.  I hate to say it, because I've been quite the optimist on this, but when he soundly wins two of the three contests, it's hard to say otherwise.

Winning DC was a layup for Mittens, who took 70% of the vote.  Which says an awful lot, because all of the three dozen Republicans there (that are residents and not members of Congress) are about as conservative as Republicans in Massachusetts.

Maryland has a lot of DC residents, pundits, etc, so again, makes sense for Mittens to win there.  Despite it's position at the immediate south of the Mason-Dixon line, Maryland hasn't been a Southern State for a while. It's kind of like Florida in that regard. I expected Mitt to win, and he did.

Wisconsin is a completely different matter. Wisconsin has been a conservative battleground for two years now after Scott Walker was elected governor and has pushed for common sense reforms to close a budget gap.  Yet Mittens won Wisconsin.

But wait...what about the presence of Newt Gingrich splitting the vote!  Senator Santorum would've won AT LEAST one of those states with Newt's voters, right?  Nope.  The closest was Wisconsin, where Mittens beat the Santorum/Gingrich aggregate by 44% to 43%.  In Maryland, Romney beat the Santorum/Gingrich aggregate by a score of 49% to 40%.  In Washington DC it wasn't even close, where the conservative tangent only netted 6% of the vote (since Senator Santorum wasn't on the ballot).

Now I KNOW I'm going to get a whole lot of grief for this from fellow conservatives who are high on passion and low on logic here, but friends, the chances of us getting someone other than Romney just sank to about 10% (and that 10% is named Brokered Convention).   I know the same aforementioned people have a similar proclivity to Happy Imagination Hats as some Activist Liberals do. So I'm here to be your voice of reason AGAIN.

One, as imperfect and not Reagan as Mitt Romney is, he is, most definitely, better than Obama. (The same could be said of George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Foghorn Leghorn, and a Radish.)  Let's not be so ridiculous as to believe that we can't win with a more moderate candidate.  The Democrats are running Obama!  Despite the Drive-By Media's recent desire to present Obama as somehow a stronger candidate, he's been a huge, embarrassing failure as President!

Friends, if Mitt Romney is our nominee, be prepared for President Romney. Which will also not be as intolerable as some of you seem to believe.  While he's not the conservative powerhouse that someone like Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich (or future fantasy candidates like Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Bobby Jindall) he's also a whole lot more conservative than John McCain was, or Bob Dole, and honestly even George W. Bush. So for crying out loud, please breathe.

If Mitt's our nominee, I can live with it. I'll continue to hope for better and vote for someone else when my chance comes, mind you, but I can indeed live with Romney.