Obama Attempting to Run A Challenger Campaign as an Incumbent

The political season is in full swing, and President Obama is trying very hard to recapture the energy and lack of substance of his 2008 campaign. He has to, of course, because "Four More Years" just doesn't work given his failure to fulfill pretty much any promise he gave in 2008.

Think about it, friends.  President Obama has enacted two major legislative goals since he took office in 2009: The Stimulus and Obamacare. We were told that if we passed the Stimulus, unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. (For those of you who don't know history - unemployment proceeded to go above 8% and hasn't gone below 8% since the stimulus).  Obamacare was incredibly unpopular when it was proposed, incredibly unpopular when it passed, had to be rammed through using the budget reconciliation process since the President couldn't overcome a philibuster, and is still incredibly unpopular now two years later (54% of Americans want it repealed).

Obama can't say "let me do more of what I've done so far." So what is he doing? Why pretending the last 3+ years didn't happen! Didn't you know? Obama's been in the Senate since 2004, and he's just now running for President for the first time!  At least that's what an alien visitor would think, given the President's campaign thus far.

It's a combination of demonization and some cliche, surface level statements like "pay their fair share" which are intended to say, essentially "vote for me, I suck less than I'm trying to convince you the other person is ::cough::Hitler::cough:: because they're really really bad ::cough::Satan::cough:: and they'd probably hurt a lot of people ::cough::PolPot::cough."

That's really all he's got.  He's got no track record of success, friends. He can't say "I'll do more of the same, just re-elect me." There's no "Morning in America" ad for Obama.  The best he could (honestly) do would be this:

"It's night in America. Today, a very very very small number of Americans will go to work today that didn't last month...but still far less than when we were elected...but it'll be even darker if you elect the other guy...seriously I swear."

So instead, he's ignoring his record. He's trying to banter about cute catch phrases, hoping your memory is really, really short, and that you don't remember his record.

We're not going to let him.