my new reading philosophy

i mentioned earlier this year while scripting my 2011 reading list that i'm going to be reading fewer books... like maybe only 12-15. not because i'm just lazier this year - but it's very strategic and intentional.

my new reading/learning philosophy/strategy actually came from a book i read in 2010. Phillip Jenkins (a new authority on Global Christianity) wrote "The world is simply changing too quickly for printed books to keep pace."

That line actually had nothing to do with his book, but it was the most impacting for me when i read it back in September. i haven't stopped thinking about that and have changed my philosophy accordingly. That line is strikingly true. In our age, print media is dying. Print newspapers and magazines will be obsolete in my generation. Printed books will never go out of style (i don't think), but they are extremely behind.

my new reading philosophy/strategy:
1.  so, part of my new strategy is to obviously read fewer books this year. But i'll keep reading just as much... it just won't be books.

all the pressure is off me to try to read 50 books again this year. i'm gunning for 12-15 at a chillin' pace. [that 12-15 ends up turning into around 30 pretty easily with all the books i'll read that don't "count". more on that later.]

2.  i will be reading a TON more magazines, online articles, blogs, and e-magazines. These are the mediums that CAN keep pace with our changing world! so i'll turn my focus more to these resources.
[i have a couple subscriptions (CT and Relevant) that i haven't read in over a year because of book reading being my #1 priority.]

i hesitated at 1st to do this because it's harder to measure progress with articles. when you finish a book, that's a big accomplishment. when you read 50 then that's awesome. Articles are so different that they're difficult to measure. but i'll read a minimum of 10 articles per week = Catalyst articles, New York Times, the above mentioned magazines, top blogs, etc... that will be at least 500 articles in 2011 - which will realistically end up being more like 1,000 as i'm already reading closer to 20 a week with the help of my iPhone when stuck in a line somewhere and situations like that.

3.  a way bigger focus on compiling my notes/takeaways from the books i read. The whole purpose is to put into practice what i've learned. it's all about helping me be more effective in life, not just reading a certain amount of books. so, i'll read less for more. (less books, more effective results.)

4.  a change in the kind of books i'll read. i'm mainly going to read the TOP books. i can't waste time on books that everyone isn't raving over. and i'll only read books that contain helpful stuff i can't get anywhere else.

5.  + i read books to improve. all about the knowledge i get that can make me better. if i can get that same helpful knowledge from a book summary or a blogger's takeaways on a book then that's EVEN BETTER. i'll read that instead of committing to read the whole book. i'll still learn probably almost the same stuff, but it only takes 5% of the time!

there you go. that's why my reading list is WAY smaller. i'll be posting my 2011 reading list (and maybe the books that got cut) soon.