i pulled up behind this guy here in Charlotte the other day.

all i could think was REALLY?

i don't even want to say much about this. i'm not saying it's bad to have nice stuff. i'm not saying it's bad to drive around in this Maserati.

But is it even POSSIBLE to have money to BLOW? i can't imagine a scenario in which anyone would have money to blow on a Maserati. i'm just sayin'.
As long as thousands of children are still dying every day because they don't even have water to drink... i'm pretty sure it's not cool to blow money on a Maserati.

if i ever have "money to blow" on a Maserati, i can think of about a million things i would "blow" it on 1st.
just to name a few:
starting churches, helping my church, orphans, widows, building orphanages, building hospitals, CLEAN WATER, feeding the hungry, helping the sick, helping missionaries, lifting the poor out of poverty, BLESSING OTHERS, i don't know - maybe i would buy cars for single moms who don't even have 1 car before buying an extra car that could buy 250 regular cars... etc... etc... etc...