you'll never "make" it until you're SURE!

this is a follow up post from Friday titled "CLOSED MINDS".

The question i asked in that post was WHY do the closed minded people (especially "Christian" people) always talk the most and the loudest about everything they're closed minded about?

my theory is that you'll never "make" it until you're SURE!
(and not "sure" like those old school deodorant commercials. i used to love those.)

only the people who are dogmatic and have it all figured out can be the prominent figures in their field.
it's easy to see in the "christian"/church world. It's pretty much only the loud, dogmatic, and seemingly closed-minded peeps who become the prominent & well known speakers/influencers/leaders that we listen to!

nobody wants to listen to someone who is not sure. (or at least we think we don't.)

think about it - that's just how it works. that's how we're set up.
in my humble opinion we're set up this way because it's EASY! it is SO EASY to be sure and dogmatic and closed-minded. you just read it out of the book from the last guy and accept that 100% and then say it in a little bit newer, fresher way and you're good to go.

it's HARD to be open minded and admit you don't have it all figured out, yet keep pushing on confidently in the mission. i think that's why most turn into dogmatics and closed-minded or just give it up... because they think it's all or nothing.

but the world is changing. at least i think the world is changing.
(+ there are already several exceptions [for different reasons] - peeps like McLaren and Francis Chan.)

Postmodernity is a new word where we don't have to always be sure about everything. and i think that's a good thing because it's usually just fake anyway. it will be a world that's less arrogant, more transparent, more vulnerable, and the closed-minded people won't always be the loudest people we hear.

my mind is not closed. it is constantly open to the possibilities. the day i'm dogmatic and have it all figured out is probably the day i'm worthless.
but i am not so naive to think that my mind is truly totally open. i am aware that, unfortunately i am arrogant and closed minded in many areas that i don't even know about.
God, help me.