that friday buzz

there is a buzz in the air on Fridays... (even at 6:57 AM as i'm sitting here at this Starbucks.)

around town.

in Starbucks.

everywhere you go really.

people are excited.

there is a buzz.

it's that Friday buzz.

it reminds me of elementary school. or college on Fridays. there is such a buzz. an anticipation! "It's the weekend! It's almost here! It's coming! No more class!" That's what you would see in everyone's eyes.
And now that school is long behind me I see it in all these people from the work force. There is a NATURAL excitement just because it's Friday.

i know there are hundreds of parallels and applications to draw from this, but here is the MAIN thing in my head today that i would like to figure out:

i wonder how you create that kind of anticipation and excitement for something else important?
because if that's possible... wow.
that's what i'm dreaming about today.