5 pieces of great advice

i respect Rick Warren like crazy. i've learned a lot from him and he has an awesome heart. he loves and believes in guys like me, so he's always trying to give "us" great advice. he's very public that he's pouring the rest of his life into the leaders of the next generation. we are thankful.

When a guy like Rick gives specific advice to a guy like me... i try to listen and take it very seriously.

before we get to the 5 pieces of advice i wrote down, i'll start with a somewhat funny honorable mention anecdote he gave that could be some good advice for me and everyone else.
Rick said that he had a “worry can” at the front door and dropped all his crap in there so he wouldn’t take it home to his family. like anything he was worried about he just left it out there and then enjoyed life with his fam. kind of corny, but probably a great idea.

*now, to the 5 pieces of advice:

1            Forget “Time management” & go with “energy management”. We all have the same amount of time but our energy works and comes and goes differently…
[i'm working on this by reading the seminal book on energy management this year.]

2            never stop learning -> learn from everybody! “The person who can’t learn from somebody has an ego problem.” “This may save me years of sideways energy. There’s no point in not learning everything I can from people.”

3            never compare myself -> I can get down OR full of pride. Dangerous. I was never called to compare myself to anybody else. 
I always find peeps who are better to discourage me & always find peeps worse to fill me with pride.

4            Divert daily (know what reenergizes me), withdraw weekly (Sabbath), abandon annually (go away and don’t take my laptop/cell phone with me).

5            never give up

Thanks so much for the great advice, Rick. i'm trying my best to take it to heart.