we're having a baby!!! (part 2 and pics)

i was definitely SHOCKED when Crystal showed me the pregnancy test. just straight shock. no other thoughts in my head at that moment even though i'm usually extremely ADD. this announcement had my undivided attention.
and for a few minutes i just felt paralyzing shock.

as the shock wore off i mentioned yesterday that "crazy exited" and "freaked out" sum up the main 2 emotions we're feeling.
But what has truly overwhelmed my heart over the past 23 weeks or so are LOVE and THANKFULNESS.

i can't even believe how much my heart is filled up with love for this baby!

it really does not seem possible.

it's our son or daughter and it's amazing!
wow. i am floored.
i am overwhelmed with love for this child!

i didn't know i possessed the capacity for this kind of love.

when i see ultrasounds of our baby moving around... i can't figure out words to describe what i feel. here's a few pics that have had me in tears:
(whole body)

i'm overwhelmed with love for this amazing person and i haven't even met them yet.
it's funny, because some days it still doesn't seem real.

& nope, we're not finding out the sex :)  it was what Crystal wanted to do, but i think it's pretty fun now. i'm guessing it's a boy, but i'm also wrong a lot.

i have no idea what's going on and what i'm supposed to do so i've read several books already. Crystal and i are reading The Baby Bump together month by month. she's almost 6 months now! that's insane...

The best other books i've read so far have been:
Pregnancy Sucks - For Men
both meant as a sequel to the famous Pregnancy Sucks + a statement... that pregnancy sucks for men.

The Guy's Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the First Year.

30 Things Every Future Dad Should Know about Pregnancy

all were helpful, but HONESTLY (and i pray i'm not jinxing myself...) nothing has been bad at all (for me) so far. Crystal has been amazing. not even a single mood swing i don't think. i hope they don't save it all up for like the last month or something.

gonna be a wild ride.