i've been thinking about people who are on the "front lines" of leadership. the people who have their face on their organization and everyone knows who they are. but then there are all the people who SUPPORT those people.
both are vital.

recently i read this story about Charlie Plumb + the guy whose name we don't even know.
Charlie Plumb was shot down in Vietnam and bailed from the plane just in time and parachuted into enemy territory.

Plumb was released as a prisoner of war in 1973.
One day he and his wife, Cathy, were eating in a restaurant where a man came to the table and said, "You're Plumb. You flew jet fighters in Vietnam."

"That's right. I did."

"It was fighter squadron 114 on the Kitty Hawk. You were shot down. You parachuted into enemy hands. You spent 6 years as a prisoner of war."

The former pilot was taken aback. He looked at the man, trying to identify him, but couldn't. "How in the world did you know that?"

"I packed your parachute."

Plumb was staggered. All he could do was struggle to his feet and shake the man's hand. "I must tell you, I've said a lot of prayers of thanks for your nimble fingers, but i didn't realize I'd have the opportunity of saying thanks in person."

those of you who are support peeps. pack the parachutes. and pack them well. it's crazy important.