Starbucks remodeled my office for me

Starbucks remodeled my office for me. They paid ALL the money. they did all the work. i just showed up and it's beautifully & comfortably remodeled!

i used to come in to my Starbucks "office" a block from my neighborhood and there would only be 1 table to sit at. plus the big "comfy" chairs were just an illusion. they looked really comfy and inviting but they were really the most uncomfortable chairs you've ever sat in. they were worse than a mirage in the desert. after a morning's work in one you felt as though you needed a trip to the chiropractor.

But now they have completely remodeled my office for me. it's really nice of them. Check it out.
There's a posh new tile floor, a giant sweet new pic on the wall, REAL comfy chairs, comfy foot rests even that double as desks, and PLENTY of chairs and tables, etc…

thanks Starbucks, i LOVE my new office. it's so much nicer to work in and my productivity has definitely increased.

i would invite you in for a drink but i'm kind of busy working right now :)