the beauty of the next morning

i work hard to discover all sorts of things about myself. and i get excited when i figure something out about me that will help me be better.

recently i've discovered that when i'm doing anything creative or anything that requires a lot of thinking... whether it's creating a talk, writing something, getting a project off the ground, etc... there's only so much i can do at 1 time.

i run out of creative juice at some point during a go at 1 particular thing. the amounts of time change but i eventually run out of steam and hit a creative block. every time.

but when i wake up the next morning... it's on again. i can burst forward with a new perspective. i begin seeing things i didn't/couldn't see the day before! it's beautiful.

but then it happens again.

but the beauty of the next morning comes again too.

1 big takeaway from this finding about myself is that i need to allow my self TIME when i'm creating something or working on a project. TIME is the key. and not just a 12 hour day because it (my left brain or right brain or whatever) doesn't work that way. it just doesn't.

i need multiple days. because i need those multiple "next mornings".

depending on the size of the project i may even need multiple weeks to give it my best effort.

i know everyone works differently, but this is what i have discovered about myself. and it's helping me be better.