CBS is Now Cooking Swing State Polls

Warning: The first part of this post includes large quantities of sarcasm.

According to a CBS/New York Times poll of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. IT'S OVER. Obama has opened up a huge lead in the poll. Governor Mitt Romney should just give up now, because it's just a waste of time.

The results are these:

: Obama 53%, Romney 44% (Obama +9%)

Ohio: Obama 53%, Romney 43% (Obama +10%)

Pennsylvania: Obama 54%, Romney 42% (Obama +12%)

It is OVER. Right? Come on. Obama's doing GREAT in those three critical states!

What? You want me to look past Page One? You want the poll sample? Okay, let's look at that:

Florida:  Democrat 36%, Republican 27%, Independent 33% (Democrat +9%)

Ohio: Democrat 35%, Republican 26%, Independent 35% (Democrat +9%)

Pennsylvania: Democrat 39%, Republican 29%, Independent 27% (Democrat +10%)

WHOA! That doesn't sound right, does it? I mean, surely there must be data from the last Presidential elections, right? Oh wait, there is:

Florida Turnout: 2008 - Democrat +3 - 2004 - Republican +4% - 2000 - Democrat +2%.

(Note: NEVER near a 9% Democrat advantage.)

Ohio Turnout: 2008 - Democrat +8% - 2004 Republican +5% - 2000 Democrat +1%

(Note: not a 9% turnout even in the Democrat sweep in '08.)

(Could not locate Pennsylvania data).

Now here's some cold water for you Democrats, as if basic math doesn't do it. If Obama has such a commanding lead in these states, why campaign there? Please, explain. I mean, Obama has a commanding lead in New York, and I don't see him campaigning there.

Bottom line is Obama is in real trouble. The Drive-By Media wouldn't be using these preposterous samples if he wasn't. The only plausible explanation is an attempt to suppress and repress Republican votes to make Obama's chances better. Because here in the Real World, they just aren't that good.