The Drive-By Media Keeps Doubling Down on Skewed Polls

We've talked about this so many times here at Biblical Conservatism: the Drive-By Media is cooking polls to show Obama winning (and keep the Real Clear Politics average showing Obama leading).

Here's a few examples:

The Pew Research Center had to oversample Democrats by 9% to get Obama to +8%.

The University of Connecticut had to oversample Democrats by 8% to get Obama to +3%.

Monmouth University had to oversample Democrats by 4% to get Obama to +3%.

The National Journal had to oversample Democrats by 6% to get Obama to +7%. They also undersampled Independents (who are consistently leaning comfortably to Romney) by 5%.

Every bit of this is based on using an even polling sample. Even that is generous to Democrats, by the way. Rasmussen's poll of voter identification (which is run monthly and talks to hundreds of thousands of voters) shows voter ID at Republican 37%, Democrat 33% and Independent at 29%.

When unskewing the data using Rasmussen's Voter ID data, found Romney leading 49%-46% in the Pew Poll, Romney leading 51% to 45% in the University of Connecticut Poll, Romney leading 50% to 45% in the Monmouth University Poll,
and Romney leading 48% to 46% in the National Journal Poll.

Gallup and Rasmussen, our two already unskewed polls have the race ostensibly tied, for the record. Whether or not the unskewed polls show that the Drive-By Media is hiding the problem or if their polls are purely cooked to help Obama I do not know. At any rate, if you believe the Drive-By Media polls, you are officially nuts. We are going to win in November, friends. Let not your heart be troubled. Game on!