Romney 53%, Obama 45% (If CNN's Poll Wasn't Skewed)

No, it wasn't me who did that math. It was the Washington Examiner. They took the polling sample from the most recent CNN Poll and changed it to reflect the real electorate. The results, once Republicans weren't undersampled and Independents RIDICULOUSLY undersampled, was Romney 53%, Obama 45%. Now THAT'S more like it!

I've been pointing out the ridiculousness of the polling samples used by many Drive-By Media sources have continued to use this election. Oversampling Democrats, undersampling Republicans, and woefully ignoring Independents.  The sample was Democrats 50%, Republicans 45%, Independents a mere 5%!

Now CNN refused to show that sample in their poll. It took behind the scenes work by The Washington Examiner to uncover the sampling problems.  But seriously, 5% Independents???  Yet another thing to keep in mind: According to the same CNN Poll shows Romney beating Obama with Independents by 14%!  Friends, there is NO WAY that Obama loses Independents by 14% in a real electorate and somehow beats Romney period, let alone by 6%.

Again according to the Washington Examiner, once the sample is adjusted to reflect the actual electorate and not the Democrat and Drive-By Media fantasy electorate, The results would be Romney 53% - Obama 45%. Friends, that's a big win for Governor Romney. That's what these ridiculous polling samples are hiding.

They want you discouraged. They want you to feel that Governor Romney can't win and President Obama can't lose. The truth is quite the opposite. Mitt Romney is doing very well and is about to defeat Barack Obama in November. Trust me, friends, we're about to win, and no amount of skewed polls will change it.


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