Obama Spiked the Football on Bin Laden, Caused Arab Unrest?

The Drive-By Media would love you to believe the problems in Egypt, Libya and the rest of the Middle East is over a video made and published on You Tube...or a radical Christian pastor (that even Christians abhor as wrong)...but the one very obvious question is not being asked: is the problem Obama "spiking the football" after killing Osama Bin Laden?

Before you start in on me and how it's Bush's fault...(or Mitt Romney's for reacting or global warming or killer bees or whatever silly excuse liberals choose today), remember how Obama was going to make the world love us just by being him? Yeah, about that...hasn't happened, has it?

Oh, and by the way, there's this:

We also have the intelligence to suggest that this attack was planned and well in place before any videos or any other baloney that it's being blamed on occurred.

Now, please tell me, Mr. Obama Apologist: If the problem is this video, please explain to me why it's Osama Bin Laden that the protestors are screaming about?

Could it be that the real problem is Obama policies? Do you think maybe, just maybe it's because Obama's shown himself weak to terrorists? Or maybe, just maybe it's because Obama went and "spiked the football" and bragged over and over and over again about killing Bin Laden?

Or maybe, just maybe, we could surmise it's both. Because I lived through 7 anniversaries of 9/11 under President Bush. Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and all the other Islamic extremists didn't pull this sort of attack.

So today we've got the Drive-By Media focused on something Mitt Romney said TWO MONTHS AGO to donors talking about strategy. THAT'S the focus because apparently that's the important thing (not the fact that Obama spiking the football on the Bin Laden killing caused riots). Yep. That's the Media's priority. We must not let them do it! This is the news story!