Reactions to the Republican Convention

If someone asked me to describe the Republican convention in one word I would say: HOMERUN!

The Left has gone absolutely crazy after this convention. They are screaming as loud as they can how conservatives are racist and inventing new ways to define racism. Apparently now it includes making jokes about Obama trying out for the PGA (that's the Professional Golfer's Association)...because CLEARLY saying Obama is trying out for the PGA is a reference to Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods had a very public fall from grace over his affairs with many women and therefore it is CLEAR that the Republicans are comparing Obama to Tiger Woods which means they are calling him an "oversexed black man" which is a classic racial stereotype HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS???

In all seriousness friends, you know you've hit a nerve when the Left can't use anything real to attack us and instead start becoming absolutely ridiculous. I see it regularly. I see it when someone starts posting every silly thing a random conservative who does not speak for all of us as if that one nutjob DOES speak for us. (These people also tend to ignore far more ridiculous statements from people like Vice President Joe Biden.)

The fact of the matter is the Republican Convention WASN'T packed with crazy statements. In fact, it was packed with good old fashioned American values. It was about saying "Yes, YOU DID BUILD IT!" You did work hard and build your business! You worked hard and succeeded! It wasn't the government who did a matter of fact there wouldn't be roads and bridges if you hadn't built that business because it's TAXPAYERS who pay for roads and bridges and those taxpayers are either the business owners themselves or the employees of the business owners.

It was a celebration of what makes America great. We talked about the American dream and those a generation or two behind us who are seeing the dream happen for their children. It was talking about the son of Cuban immigrants whose father was a bartender and whose mother worked for K-Mart...and their son became a United States Senator. Or the woman whose husband died and she started her own business at age 50 to support her family...and saw her son become a 7 term Congressman, and that son is now running for Vice President. Or a man who took his family away from a war-torn nation and brought them here to America...and saw his son become Governor of Michigan and his grandson become Governor of Massachusetts...and that grandson is now the Republican Nominee for President.

We Republicans; despite the best efforts of the Left to call us racist or out of touch or whatever other ridiculous slander they are currently perpetuating; we are about the American Dream. We don't care what color your skin is and we don't care if you're rich or poor...we want you to have opportunity and freedom! Not equality of result because that can only happen by guaranteeing POOR results for all. But equality of opportunity and freedom? Well THAT we can guarantee you.

This convention made me proud to be a Republican and proud to be a conservative. That's why the Left has to demonize! They have nothing better to do! They cannot win a fair fight on ideas with us. What the Republican platform is about is American ideals, freedom, and opportunity to succeed. It's not about government government government it's about FREEDOM! So the Left is going to demonize. They're going to cry racism, bring out their phoney fact-checkers that repeat the falsehoods for them as if putting "non-partisan" on a group's label makes it so, they're going to talk about phoney wars on women and try to make Mitt Romney seem like a horrible person.

The truth is we are the party of American values and friends, after our convention, I am convinced that we are going to take back the White House this November! Game so very on!