Romney Video Shows Democrat Desperation

Monday night, the Democrat party released a video of Mitt Romney speaking to donors behind closed doors (in May, mind you) stating that his strategy wasn't to focus on the 47% of Americans that pay no taxes, because his message of cutting taxes wouldn't strike a chord with them. This was later spun by the Left to say that Romney doesn't care about that 47%.

Now there are a few details that the Drive-By Media is not addressing. One, this event happened, as I said before, in May. The tape was made live so apparently someone had it four months ago. It was posted on You Tube three full weeks ago, supposedly found by none other than Jimmy Carter's grandson.

So then it was released on Monday to the press. Let's discuss what was happening that day. Well, President Obama was tanking on the world stage with his terrible response to the attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt. The Drive-By Media was telling us the real problem was Mitt Romney responding, rather than Barack Obama's lack of a response. Then (all of a sudden!) this story breaks and the Drive-By Media is trumpeting THAT!

Now let me review. The video was found (at the latest) three weeks ago. It went around Twitter when it happened, friends. The Media did not care. The Democrats did not care. Now Obama's in trouble and that story comes out.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin really hit it on the nose when she compared this tactic to the dog in the movie "Up" who was distracted by every passing trifle, famously by yelling, in mid sentence, "SQUIRREL!" Said Malkin:

Embassy attacks? Quick, find a squirrel! Warnings ignored? Squirrel! American troops killed by long-plotting jihadis exploiting security weaknesses? Squirrel! First Amendment sabotage by White House officials in the name of political correctness? Squirrel! Chronic joblessness, high gas prices, exploding dependency? Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel!

(Source:  Romney’s “secret video” and the Dem politics of “Squirrel!”)

I believe the reality is this story was being saved as an October surprise. No, you cannot tell me this was "just reporting the news when it happened" or else this would've come out 3 weeks ago minimum if not months ago. This is old news by at least 3 weeks. But Obama was in deep dog-doo. So they broke out this story now.

Trust me, friends. If this election was held today, Mitt Romney would win. He would win huge. If the polls weren't cooked they'd show that fact.  So the Democrats have to holler SQUIRREL!