Reactions to the Democrat Convention (A Tale of Two Conventions)

Two conventions in one, to be specific. For those who actually bothered to watch the live feed of the Democrat convention before the prime time broadcasts kicked off on the networks and cable news channels, we saw a very different Democrat convention than those who only saw the prime time broadcasts.

When few were watching save for political junkies on either side and party faithful, it was the standard demagoguery we've come to accept from the Democrats. You know "Republicans want old people to die!" or "Republicans are mean spirited!" or "Paul Ryan wants to push granny off a cliff!" that has no basis in reality. Then, when the national audience tuned it, they campaign turned into a challenger campaign.

I found myself watching Obama's speech on Thursday thinking to myself "does the President realize we've all lived through the last 3 years and 8 months...and we know he's actually been President for that long?" It was a speech suited for a challenger trying to lay out a vision but not a plan. Friends, I have a vision of America where everyone is a New York Mets fan. It's a lovely vision for me. I've got absolutely no way to make it happen (neither by the way does the Mets ownership...but that's a different problem entirely). Same goes for the President. Rather, the Democrat plan for the nation, as they presented in their convention, seems to look like this:

Original Photo comes from South Park's Episode "Gnomes"
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I genuinely wish it was better than this because I do want America to improve. Granted, I also know my history and realize fully that the liberal plan has been tried before and failed every time it's been tried so why would today differ?

Obama's speech was high on rhetoric and incredibly low on substance. As I said, it was suited better for a challenger than an incumbent. And even Mitt Romney's challenger speech included a 5-Point Plan. Obama's included...well, see the ObamaPants Gnomes above. As I said earlier this week, Obama's platform is basically:

Here's what should really make Obama nervous: He has thrown absolutely everything he's got at Governor Romney. From the phantom "War on Women" (because wanting to protect the unborn is somehow anti-women because...ummm...racism?) to attempts from an Obama SuperPAC to saddle Governor Romney with the death of a woman from lack of health insurance even though she totally had health insurance, none of it has stuck. President Obama is out of options. He's thrown every bit of mud he can...most of it completely invalid...and he's gotten precisely nowhere. The race is still ostensibly tied.

So what did President Obama do with his big speech...his chance to make his case? He regurgitated the same baloney he did in if he didn't have a record. Not only that, but he gave basically the same speech that Jimmy Carter gave in 1980 at the Democrat National Convention. Same lines. Same liberal playbook.  "We're importing less oil!" (Because Americans are driving less due to the high cost of fuel.)  Unemployment is down! (Because there are less jobs to be had and hundreds of thousands have dropped out of the workforce...oh and don't mention that if there were the same number of jobs available as there were in 2009 when Obama took office, unemployment would be over 11%). 

The reality is Obama phoned in that speech. The soaring rhetoric was gone. Even Drive-By Media outlets were commenting about how Obama has lost his luster, how Obama hasn't given a good speech in four years. The reality is the Drive By Media is preparing to throw Obama overboard to protect the ideology of liberalism. Trust me, if it becomes clear Obama is about to lose, the story will be "Liberalism didn't was just Obama!"

My final thought on this convention is the utter silliness of their message. Think about it. "The Republicans are waging a war on women!" Then their star at the convention was Bill Clinton (a man accused of rape, sexual harassment, and more affairs that can be enumerated). Their slogan was "Forward!" now please welcome the star of the Democrat convention, Bill Clinton (who left office nearly TWELVE YEARS AGO). 

Yes, Obama got a bit of a convention bump. But historically, convention bumps don't last, especially when the challenger now has access to tens of millions of dollars to spend on campaigning. I remember in 2004 walking into a room carrying a USA Today showing the Gallup poll with President Bush leading Senator John F. Kerry by 10% after the Republican Convention. Bush won by 3%, by the way.

Oh, and with the election less than 60 days away, Mitt Romney has a campaign bank at his disposal of $100 million. Mark my words: We are about to see Governor Romney take the lead, keep it, and win. Game on. 

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