1 year ago today (Keira)

1 year ago today Crystal and i learned the most amazing news... we were having a baby!

1 year ago today we found out that Keira was on the way.

i was actually on the phone up in my office when she came to talk to me with an extremely stern look on her face. she said "i need you to come downstairs right now." i figured either i was in big trouble or the dog, jack bauer was. i weasled out of the phone conversation i was in by saying "whoa, something is up. my wife needs me right away." i was hoping that person wouldn't remember and ask me later what had happened.

these pics capture our emotions through the expressions on our faces that night.
i remember we stopped right there immediately in the middle of the kitchen that night and PRAYED. couldn't think of anything else to do. i remember praying... declaring that we desperately needed God's help. and THANKS for this amazing blessing!

i remember thinking that i SOOOO wasn't ready. i seriously thought we had a solid 1-2 years at least before we would get pregnant.

we had just come home from Kenya and the malaria meds had JUST gone out of our system. i think we had literally come off birth control like the day before this. i seriously just figured we would get pregnant in a year or 2.
i could be ready in a year or 2, but not today.

i always said i wouldn't mind waiting til i was 30 or after to have kids, but i didn't make it. definitely for the next one though :)

oh, and here was the proof Crystal gave me that she was pregnant.

pretty convincing to me.

i'll always remember that moment. stunned and shocked. freaked and excited. overwhelmed.

our lives have not been the same since that night 1 year ago.

they have never been better. Keira is the most amazing source of joy over the past year. this is nothing like i ever imagined. it is so much better.

crazy thankful for that night 1 year ago. i feel way different about it today than i did that night. Keira is the most awesome baby ever. i'm crazy proud to be her daddy.