of dallas, weddings, & scottie too hottie

my boy Scott is getting married TOMORROW!

it's so crazy that he's tying the knot.
Scott was my roommate in college. we met our 1st day as freshmen and were great friends ever since. played soccer together, hung at the beach together all the time, & had some awesome good times together.

i think i invented the nickname for him - "Scottie too hottie", but don't quote me on that. i remember being an ardent user of it at least.

i haven't actually seen him in person since my wedding over 6 years ago. that's a long time, but we picked up right where we left off. i had to beat him down in FIFA just now (4-1) just like the olden days when we were roommates :)

he's actually teaching some fancy classes at a local private college - DBU. check out this classroom he teaches in. that's what i'm talking about! i never remember a college classroom looking like that. really nice campus and facilities.

then next door to the college is The Potter's House where T.D. Jakes is pastor. i had no idea he lived so close. it's a pretty massive place with an overflow parking across the street that rivals the parking of a small stadium.
i thought about seeing if i could talk to T.D. but i didn't have an appointment or anything, you know...

anyway, really good to hang with Scott again after all these years - & i've hung with 2 of his bros so far & the rest of the fam is on the way in. rehearsal & rehearsal dinner tonight. maybe i'll surprise Scott with an embarrassing speech or something.

i met his fiance for the 1st time today and she seems awesome. we hung out for a while as we were looking for Scotts' passport for over an hour :)  haha, i don't think he would have thought to look for it yet if she hadn't asked him.
found it though, so no worries.

pumped to celebrate Scott & Katy getting married tomorrow. proud of you bro.