my Mom talked to me yesterday! (update)

i TALKED to my Mom yesterday! as in she actually spoke to me.

through her trach of course, but i could hear her over the phone and we had about a 10 minute conversation.

it was awesome.

i hadn't heard my Mom's voice in over a month now. it was really really cool to talk to her.

she also was able to eat and drink for the 1st time yesterday. she still has the feeding tube in, but she's able to eat and drink a little for real now.

she told me all about what she had too - a Little Debbie cookie, some jello, apple juice, milk? i think.
she was pretty excited.

her birthday is coming up March 22 and i asked her what she wanted. she said to be able to eat and to walk. that would be awesome.

she still can't really move her legs much and definitely can't put any weight on them. something to do with her nerves now... they stopped working maybe?

also, 2 nights ago she became "unresponsive". i don't completely know what that means but i know it wasn't good.
i asked my Mom about it and she didn't know anything about it. ignorance is bliss i guess.

long road ahead still but she has come so far!
thanks for all your support