my Mom's lungs are improving!

yep. my Mom's lungs are doing a lot better these days.

i talked to her on the phone yesterday and she is sounding great. still just a whisper through her trach, but a LONG way from where she started.
i'm going to see her again in a few days. pumped about that.

she walked about 50 feet today with the help of a walker & a couple physical therapy guys. crazy improvement from not being able to lift her leg in the bed just a short time ago.

she's working so hard. she is a fighter.

A nurse practitioner said again that she might get to go home (Durham home) in as short as 3 weeks! that's how much she has improved! that would be pretty awesome.

thanks to all of you for praying for her & all your support. i can't wait til my Mom can breathe on her own with her new lungs and get out of that hospital :)
i can't wait until she can hold her new granddaughter again :)