Before (Actually During) Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday.  A lot is going to be decided.  It seems that every major candidate (except for Ron Paul) is picked to win a couple of states.  Romney is leading the most, but Santorum is nipping at his heels.  Newt needs a splash. Ron Paul is, well, Ron Paul.

Mittens really wants a few big victories.  He wants to get his air of inveitability back.  He wants to push his "accept me" routine so he can start focusing on Obama.  It's not going to happen after today's results, but Mittens can surely try. What Mitt needs to do is court conservatives.  He needs to stop running from his supposed conservatism.  Embrace it. Stop believing the Drive-By Media...conservatism does not scare away Independents.  Liberalism does, which is why Liberals have to campaign as centrists.  But conservatism WINS. It's like Novocaine, always works, just give it time.  Every time.

Rick Santorum also wants to make a splash, this time against Mittens' inevitability claims. He needs to focus moving forward on his conservatism. Including his fiscal conservatism.  The moral issues are good and important, but so is the economy.  That's why Mittens is doing so well.  He's an economy guy.  If Senator Santorum gets on that train, he'll do well too.

Then there's my guy.  Newt Gingrich is at a now or never point.  He needs to win a few states, not just Georgia.  We'll see what happens...but if he can't pick up probably at least 3 states, it may be time to drop out and let the conservative vote coalesce behind Santorum  We'll see what happens tonight.

Of course, that leaves Ron Paul.  Ron Paul is trying to gain delegates.  He likely will, especially in the Idaho and North Dakota Caucuses. He's pushing to have his views on the GOP Platform.  Go for it, Congressman Paul, provided it's your economic policies I'm in favor of them!

We're going to know a lot tomorrow morning.  We may see the field winnowed.  We may not.  It's going to be interesting.  On a final note, please know that my official reactions to Super Tuesday will come on Thursday, so there's time to give a good analysis of all the fallout. 

As always, thanks for reading Biblical Conservatism, and, with Super Tuesday in full force, game on.