great news on my Mom's new lungs!

i feel like i haven't always had great news to share on a visit to see my Mom @ Duke Hospital over these last 2 months.
there have been some scary days.

some hard days.

some very emotional and draining days.

but today was awesome.

my Mom is doing amazing compared to the past 2 months. her lungs are working great. she's now on no oxygen, no ventilator, no nothing. in fact, the Doctors are now saying that the lungs & breathing are the least of her worries!

i asked my Mom if she ever thought she would hear a Doctor say that :)

she looks amazing. she looks like she used to.

i'm so pumped. & my Mom can actually talk now! :) it's not nearly her full voice - she sounds a bit like a 12 year old girl, but it's awesome to hear her voice.

i walked 1 lap around her unit with her today! WALKED... with a walker & 3 of us walking with her. we stopped 4-5 times to take a break but she still made it all the way around. awesome.

her legs are crazy weak. they look (& she says they feel) like spaghetti noodles. it's going to take a while to get her strength back.

oh & she had her 1st MEAL tonight in over 2 months. she was stoked. she ate some lasagna & had some tea. made her day for sure. all in her pretty much regular hospital room. (no more ICU!)

oh & she got to talk to Keira on Face Time.
pretty good day all in all.

way different than a lot of days we used to have. crazy thankful. so thankful to have my Mom back! thankful for these 2 brand new lungs!