29 things to know before you hit 30 (part 5)

this is part 5 of 29 Things to Know Before You Hit 30. (from the awesome book by Jason Boyett - The Pocket Guide to Adulthood)

let's get right to it as our time is short & there's still 12 more to go on the list...

18  Staying in Shape is Easier than You Think
yeah, it's called straight up discipline. no, that's not really the content of this chapter. just some helpful hints to not get crazy fat, old, and out of shape like most of the rest of the Western world when turning 30...

19  Financial Procrastination Will Eat You for Lunch
we procrastinated til about 23 & 24 respectively. thankfully we didn't wait til 30. i wonder what it would take to get a mandatory "FPU" type class (or even simply reading this chapter) into every college in the nation?

20  Mystery Dumplings and the Key to Lasting Relationships
kind of a funny story, but basically the gist is = QUIT being all about yourself. that's what adults do. you can't be selfish anymore. i guess it's acceptable if you're 20something, but as an adult... grow up & be polite, courteous, generous, and shut up once in a while.

21  How to Pull Off an Impressive Job Interview
the awesome principles shared in this chapter really go for ANY human interactions/1st impressions. because really, we're always on interview for something :)
basically, you've got 30 seconds to make your mark on someone. that's it. so, be confident, dress the part, prep well, & if you have a job interview - you should seriously read this chapter 1st!

22  Romance Doesn't Always Have to Be Expensive
Really? i thought that was the number 1 rule? nope. it's not easy, but also doesn't have to be expensive. it's all about the LITTLE stuff. that's what chicks dig... so i hear. and creativity and spontaneity.

23  Buy Groceries Like You Own the Supermarket
i HATE grocery shopping. seriously can't think of many things in life i hate worse that going to the grocery store! even if just for a few things. HATE it.
*i would rather take a beating with a brick stick than have to go to a grocery store!
but, if you have to go this chapter has helpful tips on what to do while you're there. like - avoid buying the products at eye level - that's the stuff with the biggest profit margin/mark up. so, probably not the greatest deals. & all kinds of other old people stuff.

i hope i never have to go again!