more deadly than hate

this morning i read this line in a book.

as often happens, the context in which i read this line is unrelated to where i'm going with it, but once my mind got on this train it never looked back to the original context...

"In some ways the silence of unconcern can be more deadly than hate."
Peter Scazzero

this is why i write.

this is why i have written so many times about so many things.

because i can't be silent.
that silence could possibly be more deadly than hate itself.

i can't be unconcerned.
that's a tragedy.

unconcern is how genocide freaking happens.

that's why i write about racism, and greed, and poverty, and sickness, and materialism, and evil, and hate, and pride...

i'm concerned. & i don't want to shift into being unconcerned and silent. so i write.

and i know that writing doesn't really solve anything. but it at least gives me an outlet to think this stuff out. to actualize my feelings and concern.

and writing for me is a start to DO SOMETHING and put my money and actions where my mouth is.