Time for Obama to Panic: Early Voting Favors Romney

That cursing sound you heard near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday? That was President Obama, reading a Gallup poll of EARLY VOTERS.

According to Gallup, 52% of Early Voters who have already cast their ballots have voted for Mitt Romney. 45% of Early Voters who have already voted cast their ballots for Barack Obama. (For those of you in Palm Beach County, FL, that means Romney is up 7%.)

Friends, the Democrat Party thinks of early voting as their bread and butter. Some might suggest it's because that makes voter fraud easier.  According to this train of thought, fraud takes time, early voting gives time: Think Ryan Seacrest on American Idol with "Vote Early, Vote Often." (Except for the fact that on American Idol it's perfectly fine to vote as often as you like, in American Elections you cannot.)

So now here we find that Early Voters are favoring Romney, and we can expect that if Early Voting favors Mitt, so will Election Day voters.Combine that with states like Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon and Pennsylvania; previously considered deep blue states, are now tossups, the fact that the gender gap is gone, and the fact that Governor Romney is leading heavily with Independents, it's time for the President to panic. Big time.

My friends, I've said it over and over again: We're going to win in a week. Six more days. Game on.