something i like to ask myself before i fall asleep

i'm trying to form a habit of asking myself a question before i fall asleep every night.

Last night before I fell asleep and tonight before i fall asleep and hopefully every night after that i'll ask myself:

Have I made someone smile today? 

doesn't matter how...

a kind word. 

a kind act.

just a joke. 

a smile from me 1st.

and if my answer to that question is "no"... 

then i want to make sure that tomorrow night the answer is yes. 

there are plenty of reasons in people's lives to make them sad. plenty of reasons for people NOT to smile. a plethora, in fact. there are LOTS of people already who will cause others NOT to smile. i would simply like to be the opposite.
so if i didn't even take the time to make at least one person smile...

no doubt the day was a waste.

and life is much too precious and short for wasted days.