from one Thanksgiving to the next

wow, how things change from one Thanksgiving to the next.

i remember last year we had sped out of town a few days before Thanksgiving because my Mom received the call that lungs were on the way to Duke for her double lung transplant.

we raced to the hospital to see my Mom before the transplant, but it ended up being a false alarm. a "dry run" they call it. the lungs were no good.

we hung out in Durham for Thanksgiving and my parents got to spend time with their brand new granddaughter.

but my Mom had to wear a mask and be really careful back then around Keira.

today my Mom was playing with Keira with no such concern. :) because she has new lungs. tomorrow she and both our families will come over for Thanksgiving and my Mom will play with Keira and you would never know she had bad lungs...

wow, how things change in a year.

on my end, i'm working on getting life back to the pace it was at last Thanksgiving = sustainable.
i'm getting there.
next Thanksgiving i'll look back and be thankful i did.