all i want for christmas (& my bday)

done this every year for like 5 years now, so i'll keep it short.

i don't expect anyone to buy me birthday gifts or christmas gifts. BUT if someone is going to buy me a gift - i DON'T WANT a gift... i would really just love to leverage all that money you would spend to build a well for a village in Africa that doesn't have clean water. makes way more sense than you buying me a sweater.

*So, let me be clear (this is my open letter to all of you) - I do not want anyone to buy me birthday or Christmas presents!

Crystal and i are actually pretty close to already building a well through Charity Water, SO it would be awesome if you just wanted to add cash to building our well. i can update you on where the well will go and send a link after it's done!

*or if you want to just give online you can click HERE to give through Living Water International.

i may set up a birthday thing on Facebook too, but really it would be most effective if it all would go in 1 direction. easiest would be finishing off the well Crystal and i are already working on. let me know if you have any Qs.

also, below are 4 articles I wrote a few years ago about this whole idea.
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