the prayer on my wall

Here's a prayer that hangs on the wall in my office.
i see it every day and pray it probably several times a day...

“God, before I die, I hope you will let me see the most beautiful sights, experience the most beautiful experiences, and feel the most beautiful feelings that life has to offer.”

i adapted this prayer from someone else and edited it to be my own. not completely original to me...

but i think this desire is original to all of us.

i just decided to start actively asking for it.

maybe we would all word it differently or resonate with different aspects, but i think this prayer is embedded deep down in all of us. at the core of who we are as humans.

i just figure if i'm gonna spend however many years here on this rock, in this life, i would really love to experience it FOR ALL IT'S WORTH!

and i think maybe, just maybe, this is what Jesus was getting at when He said "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."
it would be a shame to live life and not live it to the FULL. to not experience it for all it's worth.

this is simply the kind of life i'm setting out to live.
so this is the prayer i pray.