2 lungs on the way...

just heard from my Mom that there are 2 Lungs on the way to Duke Hospital specifically for her! they have to get them there & then her Doctors should know by 7pm if this is the perfect pair of lungs for my Mom. if it's a go then she will get her Double Lung Transplant. about a 10 hour procedure. i'm heading up to Duke to be there.

i wrote about this a little before HERE.

we've been praying for this for a long time. for God to heal my Mom. i'm hoping this is it.

i hope this is the miracle.

that this is the moment.

i hope that tomorrow is a new day.

i'm praying that my Mom wakes up tomorrow and it's the dawn of a new day - a new life.

God gets all the credit for that.

i love you, Mom. i'm praying this goes perfectly and pretty soon you'll be breathing like never before... and holding your new granddaughter.