never stop playing

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” 
Wound & Wound Toy Store, Hollywood, California 

There's something beautiful about a child playing. 

the way they run 

and jump 

and just roll down a hill. 

they don't care about grass stains on their clothes. 

the way they laugh and don't care what they sound like.

the way they sing at the top of their lungs whether it sounds good or bad.

their big fat smiles when they're playing.

they play with abandon.

they enjoy life to the fullest.

and somewhere along the way we lose that. we "grow out of it". or is it the other way around? do we only "grow out of it" because we choose to stop playing. we're self conscious about what people see and think about us. 

we lose out on a lot of fun.

we stop smiling as much and laughing so loudly and playing with abandon.

i say never stop playing.