Reactions to the State of the Union Address

Unelectable. It’s a term that’s been thrown around at every Republican candidate who isn’t a wimpy moderate. I’ve said multiple times that there wasn’t a Republican in the field that couldn’t win in 2012. There is one candidate who is indeed unelectable: Barack Obama.

Last night’s State of the Union address proved it. Considering we’ve seen this speech multiple times. He said “pay their fair share” four times, he used class warfare twenty-three times, blamed Congress sixteen times, and he blamed others twenty-two times. He proposed raising taxes eight times and demanded/requested more executive power to go around Congress five times. He asked for increased spending sixteen times. Then he proposed a few policies that he knows very well don’t have a snowball’s chance in July of passing into law. He talked about investing in “Green Energy” that is not even close to being a fitting replacement for fossil fuels (while not noting that his previous investments in “Green Energy” already resulted in bankruptcy – see Solyndra). This President doesn’t have a new idea. All he wants to do is spend more money that we don’t have. That’s all he’s got. He’s doubling and tripling down on the same bad policies that have failed. The only thing he was correct on was saying that it’s unlikely anything will get done in Congress this year. Of course, he didn’t mention that it’s his party that obstructs good policies and forces bad.

Of course, the President didn’t take the blame that is deservedly his. He blamed everyone else. He blamed everything in the economy on failures that happened before he took office. Big shock. He did not mention that he’s had three years and he’s done nothing to help. Don’t worry, there were also bad ideas in this speech, like trying to levy a tax on businesses that outsource. Because the best way to keep people from leaving a bad economic climate is to make it worse. Oh, and how are you going to enforce it? How you going to tax people who don’t live here or earn their income here? Oh…I forgot…we’re not supposed to use logic with Obama policies. He also demanded a new bureaucracy that was going to somehow stop a foreign nation from stealing. And he’s going to enforce it how? Oh right…don’t scrutinize.

Then he insults our intelligence. Last night’s speech was not about the State of the Union. Last night’s speech was a campaign speech. Obama used the House chamber to attempt to cover up one very important fact: Obama is a failure. He has spent trillions of dollars in borrowed money, spending that he guaranteed if we spent we wouldn’t see unemployment above 8%. That was three years ago, and we’re still above the promised unemployment. (Oh, by the way, if the only reason unemployment is at the 8.5% rate that it is recorded at is because the number of available jobs has shrunk significantly since Obama took office.)

Friends, if the State of the Union showed anything, it showed that we Republicans should nominate the strongest conservative available. The Democrats are planning on running OBAMA! They are planning to run an unelectable failure of a President who doesn’t know how to create jobs and wants to push through laws like Obamacare that the American people didn’t want then and don’t want now. This President is a miserable failure. Last night proved it. I can’t wait until we fire Obama, because he’s failed to do his job. I can’t wait until we get a President who believes in America as founded. I can’t wait until we get a President who recognizes that government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem. So let’s elect that next President, so we never have to listen to another Obama State of the Union.