Pas-sion. noun. [pash-uhn] - "any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling"

i've been accused of being too passionate. i've been accused of having too much of this thing we call passion.
i take that as a compliment.

but sometimes this compliment meant as a negative can play tricks on me in the back of my mind and it could possibly cause me to hold back or play down my passion. i can think in my head "maybe i'm being too passionate?"

no more of that for me though. i'm gonna let it flow. i refuse to suppress the passion in me. i'm going to let it run wild.

because i believe that people HAVE to see your passion. they have to see it loud and clear. it can't be held back. so i don't wanna hold it back.


People respond to passion. it demands a response from them. it may freak them out a little, but hopefully it inspires some similar passion in them.

People follow passion. i won't and i imagine no one will follow a "passionless" leader. not for long anyway. why would you?

People are pumped by passion. i can't think of many things that pump me up more than watching/listening to someone else who is passionate.

People NEED to see your passion. hopefully this should be obvious from the 3 above. but peeps need YOU to show your passion. don't hide it.

other people feed on your passion. let it out.