Recent Debates and Media Bias

Last weekend, when the Republican candidates met for two debates, moderated by two Drive-By Media networks, ABC and NBC. The specific moderators who I believe deserve to be smacked are George "Mr. Snuffleupagus" Stephanapolus and, now NBC (formerly PMS-NBC) anchor David Gregory. 

If you watched these debates, you likely found yourself wanting to smack Snuffleupagus and Gregory. First and foremost, this was Media Bias on parade.  Watch a Democrat debate next time there is one. You won't see Snuffleupagus and Gregory and Rachel Maddow and their Drive-By Media colleagues arguing points with the Democrat candidates in the middle of debates.  They won't find themselves trying to join the debate in an effort to play gotcha.

There was no better example of this than Snuffleupagus' arguing about making birth control illegal with Mitt Romney.  For all my arguments with Mittens, he did a great job of answering this ridiculous premise. The reality is absolutely nobody is saying "make birth control illegal," at least unless you think abortion is birth control.  (Conservatives oppose abortion because we believe that unborn child is a human being and, above all else, is entitled to their life.)  Abortion aside, I know almost nobody who opposes legitimate birth control methods (defined as methods that, through either barrier or hormonal method, stop a male's sperm cell from fertilizing a female's egg cell). 

Look, I've stated this before, the Presidential candidates must not have an issue with birth control when, for example, Mitt Romney and his wife Ann have five children in 42 years of marriage.  You just don't get that sort of results with Natural Family Planning when a couple has multiple years between children and only five total children. This was always an invented issue.  The Drive-Bys might have well asked the GOP candidates if they favored banning the sale of bubble gum and socks.  As Romney stated, nobody wants to do it, leave it alone!

For those of you who argue that there is no media bias, please, wake up and smell the coffee!  This type of baloney is soaked into the Drive-By Media mentality. They play gotcha with Republicans and handle Democrats with kid gloves.  I guarantee Barack Obama doesn't receive the same scrutiny on gay marriage that Republicans do, even though (at least on paper) his opinion is the same as the GOP candidates. And yet, only the Republicans receive this Drive-By Media rectal exam.  But hey, there's no media bias, right?