it's been an insanely busy week.

between class all day every day + trying to do the work that's due for class next week it was busy enough. but it just so happens that we re-launched our student ministry at Ridge today! we moved into a brand new environment a little less than a mile from where Ridge regularly meets.

there was a ridiculous amount of work that went into making the Student Impact launch possible. insane amount of work. and it's work that i don't even pretend to know how to do.
so, i hope i'm good at saying "thanks". because i've been trying to say it a lot lately. so many people have poured their time and talents into making this thing happen. i'm thankful for these people and their talents + their awesome, willing hearts.
so, "thanks".

this week is going to be equally (if not more) insane. (i think i need a nap.)
fun day today though. we had an awesome launch party with some amazing students. looking forward to next week.