Why Are Obama’s Media Supporters So Clueless?

Just in case you’re actually steel willed enough to ignore anything that comes out of Newsweek and therefore have managed to block out the ridiculous article that graced the cover of that disgrace of a publication: the cover story of Newsweek recently asked the question “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?” 
Apparently Newsweek, a Drive-By Media anchor, has decided to turn away from page one of the Democrat Playbook (aka Republicans are cruel and want old/poor people to die) and have turned to page two (aka Republicans/Conservatives are dumb).  The claim is always that Democrats and liberals are brilliant and Republicans and conservatives are stupid.  The author of the article is the supposedly conservative (but only in a world where conservatism is synonymous with being anti-Israel, promotes redefining marriage to shoehorn in gay couples, supported Barack Obama in 2012 and one who calls himself a faithful Catholic yet lives a lifestyle that the Bible refers to as a “detestable sin”…these are traits of strong conservatives right?) Andrew Sullivan.  (Sadly, this is what passes for a conservative at Newsweek.)
Yes, the same guy who spent months obsessing about Sarah Palin’s uterus and asserting that Trig Palin wasn’t really Sarah and Todd’s child, throwing out such outlandish possibilities as “he’s really Bristol Palin’s son “ (even though Bristol was pregnant with her son Tripp at the time, and we can clearly see both children).  This is what the Drive-By Media considers a real journalist.
I’m not going to dignify this article with an analysis.  It’s a the typical baloney the Drive-By Media uses to prop up their candidates.  They used to get away with it.  Not anymore.  There is a Conservative Media now.  Back in the early 1990s when the Right-Wing Media consisted basically of Rush Limbaugh, the Weekly Standard, the Heritage Foundation and a few local talk shows, they got away with this baloney.  Now there’s not just Rush but Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, and so very many others on radio; Fox News; podcasts galore, and of course, lowly bloggers like yours truly.  There are people by the tens of thousands rebuking the Drive-By Media’s attempt to cover up the Obama Administration’s absolute failure. 
So here’s the truth, friends:  Obama’s signature bill, Obamacare, is so wildly unpopular the President won’t even talk about it.  Anyone remember how George W. Bush never talked about his signature tax cut, or how Ronald Reagan never talked about his tax overhauls, or how Bill Clinton never talked about Welfare Reform?  Me neither.  Yet the President won’t mention his Healthcare law, because he knows it’s toxic.  Economic recoveries don’t take the form of a hundred thousand jobs a month, and don’t take two years for the unemployment to drop .5%...unless they are so horribly mismanaged that business is unwilling to hire for fear of liberal punishment of success.  Successful presidents don’t get thrown out of countries that they’ve liberated and they don’t back the overthrow of a maniacal government that is friendly to our country in favor of a maniacal government that is equally repressive and also unfriendly to our country. 
Obama is a failure.  Pure and simple.  And yet his supporters blindly back him.  They can’t accept their own stupidity in backing a man who was brought to power on promises of Hopey-Change and has only made changes people don’t want that have not helped the country.  And yet his supporters blindly back him.  Obama has failed.  But rather than admit their mistake in voting for him, Obama’s supporters instead call those of us who saw through Obama in the first place stupid. 
So I must ask the question: Why are Obama’s Media supporters so clueless?