i need to write

i really really need to write for my own sake.

i come alive when i write. but when i'm not writing, it's as if i shrivel up inside.

when i'm learning and thinking about so much i HAVE to have an outlet and writing is one of those outlets for me. it helps me process and more practically understand and put in to practice the things i'm thinking, learning, and dreaming about.

but i haven't been very good at it lately. in fact, i've been really BAD at it lately. in December, i wrote LESS blogs i've ever written in any other month in the history of renown (4 years).

and in many ways, writing for me is definitely about QUANTITY over quality. that's a tension, but i really need to crank the stuff out of my head & not worry about how pretty, perfected, or excellent it is.

i haven't been doing this lately & the new year hasn't started off very well at all either.

but i'm laying down a goal and i'm making it public. 300 posts to renown in 2012. that's more than i've ever written. that's almost 1 article every single day. about 25 a month.

there, now i said it "out loud" for everyone to see. hopefully that helps keep me disciplined to reach my goal.

but the goal is only for the sake of me becoming a better me... developing what's inside of me & diving into this outlet that i desperately need.