The Reason Ron Paul Won't Run 3rd Party

It's been a big concern for conservatives and Republicans in general: Will Ron Paul run as a third party candidate in the likely possibility that he doesn't win the Republican nomination?  To his credit, Congressman Paul has stated that he almost certainly will not run third party campaign (reserving only the slightest of options).  Yet among us who believe the #1 priority above all else in the world for 2012 is to fire Barack Obama and elect a new President, there remains a healthy concern.  We know that a Paul run would likely divide the conservative vote and most likely would re-elect Obama. I do believe Ron Paul realizes this and, out of patriotism and love of country, so for this reason alone he will not run third party.  But there is a bigger reason.

I'm here to tell you the number one reason why Ron Paul will not run third party. Are you ready?  I want to make sure you're paying attention, ok?  Ready?  Here's why Ron Paul will not run third party:  Randall Howard Paul. 

(Better known to us as Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.)

Ron Paul will not run as a third party candidate because he knows it will absolutely destroy his son's political career. Rand won't be able to get himself on the ballot for Dog Catcher as the Republican nominee.  And personally, I think that would be a shame, because I like Rand Paul an awful lot.  Senator Paul has his father's sensible economic policy while actually being in touch with reality on foreign policy and having the ability to communicate conservatism effectively. In short, there's a reason why I name Rand Paul in the company of people like Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindall and of course (genuine chills of excitement) Marco Rubio.

Congressman Paul's first choice is to be the President, but I also know he'd be pretty happy to be the President's father as well.  More importantly, Congressman Paul is a pragmatist.  To his credit, he cares more about his issues than about his own electoral success.  I think Congressman Paul knows that his son may be capable of drawing support than he has been to date.  (For example, Senator Paul doesn't have his father's tendency to ramble and stammer when he speaks.)

Ultimately, Congressman Paul will not run 3rd Party so he doesn't hurt Senator Rand Paul's ability to run and continue to champion many of his favorite issues.  So, unless I am completely off base, we can trust Ron Paul when he says he will not run as a 3rd Party Candidate.