all i want for Christmas (& my birthday)

Since 2008 i've joined up with Advent Conspiracy and leveraged my birthday & Christmas to provide clean water to villages who don't have it. the only presents i asked for was water for them & now we've been a part of building 3 wells in 3 different villages!
you can read my explanation of it HERE or just search "Advent Conspiracy" on my blog.

i'll probably do Advent Conspiracy or something like it for my birthday and Christmas the rest of my life. i have everything i'll ever need so no need to ask for presents.

BUT this year i'm doing something different.  
"In lieu of" presents for me, i would simply love donations for my Mom's DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT. you can read more about that HERE, but simply put - my Mom is about to have a Double Lung Transplant that will cost over $1 Million! her part to pay will be around $100,000 so we need all the help we can get!

if you were thinking of buying me a gift for my birthday at the end of the week (December 3rd) or for Christmas PLEASE just take that money you would have spent and donate it to my Mom's transplant!

you can donate by by contacting me OR click HERE. from my Mom's page on the National Foundation for Transplants you can click "Donate Today" and then fill out the info, but BE SURE to click the bubble that says "My gift is in honor of the following NFT patient's fundraising campaign" and then write EDITH MITCHELL in the blank.

that's my b-day & Christmas wish. thanks!