What the Media ISN'T Telling You in the Cain Scandal

It's now been two weeks since the Herman Cain sexual harassment claims first surfaced.  A lot of "news" has come out about the story, but what is more telling is what the Drive-By Media ISN'T saying.  There are pockets of details that are being ignored by the Media that make this a completely different story.  So today, I'll be doing my impression of Weasel Zippers or the Drudge Report and bring you two stories the Media ISN'T reporting.

Using high tech lie-detector software, Private Investigator TJ Ward has concluded that Herman Cain was not lying in his press conference.  Shown on video (below) you can see that Cain was not lying at any point during his press conference last week but that Sharon Bialek's story was highly questionable.  For those clamoring for Cain to take a polygraph test...this test is as accurate if not more accurate than a polygraph.

Pat Dollard - Report: Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Fired From NRA For False Accusations Of Sexual Assault

Summary:  Accuser Sharon Bialek, who has accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment, apparently has a history of making false accusations of...sexual harassment.  Yep, Sharon Bialek has a history of making such claims, and was even fired from the National Restaurant Association for making false claims.  From the report: 

I remember (Bialek) as a time-waster, and rabble-rouser. If she didn’t get her way she cried about sexual harassment”. A former co-worker, a female no less, emailed me. “She was trouble with a capital “T”.

Kind of puts a shadow on this claim of sexual harassment, no? 

Combine these two stories, and all of a sudden claims of a "high tech lynching" of Cain that have come from everyone from national conservative talk hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to lowly Internet bloggers like yours truly start to hold water.  According to Dollard in the above article:

The fact that (Bialek) waited 13 years and never said a word not even during Cain’s earlier forays into politics. She only now magically appears because Cain is leading in some polls and proving a threat to Barack Obama?

Same can be said about anonymous claims and other claims that weren't even sexual harassment but just Cain asking a woman to join him for dinner at a networking event because "I know what he was thinking."  Uhuh. 

The Drive-By Media won't let this go away.  But it's still an unfounded, libelous claim.