worst parent i've ever seen

This is the most disturbing video i have ever seen.

This is the worst parenting i have ever heard of in my life. what a POOR POOR kid. my heart BREAKS for him. i want to call social services!

we're figuring out our parenting philosophy with Keira and we don't have it all figured out but we will be the EXACT OPPOSITE of this parent!
(you can see our parenting philosophy on this subject HERE)

just watch this video and i hope it makes you as angry as it makes me.

i will be just the opposite of this horrible dad. Keira will LOVE the Yankees. she will HATE the Red Sox. Because the Red Sox is a horrible organization. they suck. they don't deserve to exist on earth. & because that's what Jesus would do. there is no other option.

we will make sure we parent better than that guy.