a Good to Great TO DO list

Below is a TO DO List Jim Collins gave each of us at Catalyst '11. it is awesome if we follow it.  These won't make a lot of sense without reading my previous 4 posts or hearing Collins' talk.

1  Go HERE and run the Good to Great diagnostic on you, your team, and your organization. This is a vital evaluation process.

Answer these Questions = how many seats do you have on your bus and what is your plan to have 100% of those seats filled with the right people in 1 year?

WHO will you allow to mentor me? Build a personal board of directors.

4  Get your personal HEDGEHOG right before it's too late. (a Good to Great principle = the coming together of your passion, design, and how you can make a difference.)

5  Once you have your Hedgehog, set your 20 mile march and stick to it! (Collins set weekly time goals.) What is your organization's 20 mile march?

Fire at least 6 new bullets by the end of the year. Navigate uncertainty with bullets.

Turn off electronic gadgets at least 2 days every 2 weeks. now that is a biggie! (it's impossible to "be present" with your iPhone in hand.) we need to be focused and gadgets rob us of our focs.

STOP Doing List. "True disciplined action is not what we choose to do, but what we choose not to do." *maybe you find it kind of ironic to have an item on your to do list that says "have a stop doing list" ? maybe humorous, but vital.

Double your reach to people half your age ALWAYS  by changing your practices without changing your values.

10  Set a BHAG that makes you really useful. (big hairy audacious goal)